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Stitch to the Cosmos Cyber and Origin by tAVROSxT3R3Z1LOVER Stitch to the Cosmos Cyber and Origin :icontavrosxt3r3z1lover:tAVROSxT3R3Z1LOVER 2 0 Stitch in the Cosmos Bragg and Twang by tAVROSxT3R3Z1LOVER Stitch in the Cosmos Bragg and Twang :icontavrosxt3r3z1lover:tAVROSxT3R3Z1LOVER 1 4 Stitch in the Cosmos 621 and Twang by tAVROSxT3R3Z1LOVER Stitch in the Cosmos 621 and Twang :icontavrosxt3r3z1lover:tAVROSxT3R3Z1LOVER 2 10 Mantis Green - Mission 2 by tAVROSxT3R3Z1LOVER Mantis Green - Mission 2 :icontavrosxt3r3z1lover:tAVROSxT3R3Z1LOVER 2 0 Mantis Green - Mission 1 by tAVROSxT3R3Z1LOVER Mantis Green - Mission 1 :icontavrosxt3r3z1lover:tAVROSxT3R3Z1LOVER 1 0 Alizarin Crimson by tAVROSxT3R3Z1LOVER Alizarin Crimson :icontavrosxt3r3z1lover:tAVROSxT3R3Z1LOVER 3 0 Mantis Green by tAVROSxT3R3Z1LOVER Mantis Green :icontavrosxt3r3z1lover:tAVROSxT3R3Z1LOVER 3 0
Mature content
Monster- Songfic :icontavrosxt3r3z1lover:tAVROSxT3R3Z1LOVER 1 0
Mature content
Here Comes a Thought - Songfic :icontavrosxt3r3z1lover:tAVROSxT3R3Z1LOVER 2 9
Pokemon: SpiritGrey Part 1 Cover by tAVROSxT3R3Z1LOVER Pokemon: SpiritGrey Part 1 Cover :icontavrosxt3r3z1lover:tAVROSxT3R3Z1LOVER 3 0 Theo the Daffodil by tAVROSxT3R3Z1LOVER Theo the Daffodil :icontavrosxt3r3z1lover:tAVROSxT3R3Z1LOVER 4 2 Flower Kid - Monster Kid and Daffodil Fusion by tAVROSxT3R3Z1LOVER Flower Kid - Monster Kid and Daffodil Fusion :icontavrosxt3r3z1lover:tAVROSxT3R3Z1LOVER 3 4 Experiment 621 - Chopsuey by tAVROSxT3R3Z1LOVER Experiment 621 - Chopsuey :icontavrosxt3r3z1lover:tAVROSxT3R3Z1LOVER 2 0
Theo Battle Dialogue
1st Battle
Battle Theme:
Battle intro: "I'm gonna knock you out of the park~!" //laughs//
Victory: "Yes! Who's a failure now?"
Defeat: "Hehe...I guess I really am a failure,,,,,"
Taunt: "Well, I think both of us know that I'm gonna win~!"
Reacting to Taunt from other: "Well, that's rude!"
Flee: "Welp, time to get the hell out of dodge!"
Reacting to Flee: "Well...okay."
Tie: "That's interesting..."
Perfect Victory: "Hell yeah!"
2nd Battle (After Loss of Everyone Except Sabrina; Before Torture)
Battle Theme:
Battle intro: "You're gonna regret challenging me..."
Victory: "I told it was a bad idea."
Defeat: "So you managed to win?" //laughs// “You were just lucky this time.”
Taunt: "You should quit while you're ahead."
:icontavrosxt3r3z1lover:tAVROSxT3R3Z1LOVER 2 5
At The Stroke of Midnight
At the Stroke of Midnight
Theo x Sabrina
((Authors Note: Sabrina and Theo are about 16 or 17))
Theo nervously watched Sabrina. The two were on the roof of the Shack to get away from all of the bustle and noise. Now they were completely alone with no one watching, hopefully.
Sabrina's long, brown and blonde hair was styled into a bun and showed off her bright green eyes and her wolf ears that Theo found adorable. She wore a long, rather flattering, black dress with spaghetti straps and a heartless symbol on her chest as well as white tights and black flatts. The moonlight accented everything that Theo loved about her, which was, well, everything.
Theo himself didn't do anything to his curly, silver hair but did make sure to part it over his demonic eye and only showed his human one. He wore a black dress jacket with blue trim over his regular sky-blue dress shirt, red bowtie, black slacks, and black dress shoes. The moonlight made his hair seemingly glow.
"It's beautiful outside, isn't
:icontavrosxt3r3z1lover:tAVROSxT3R3Z1LOVER 1 3
Sorrowful Melody Chapter 6
It was midnight and the moon hung high in the sky, illuminating the balconies of the small apartment building. Chopsuey sat on the balcony, smoking a cigarette as he stared into the skies, mentally forming constelltions and naming them as he looked. He tapped the cigarette against the ash tray before continuing.
"You know those are bad for you, right?" a quiet, slightly feminine but obviously male voice asked.
Chopsuey stiffened but relaxed as he turned around. Standing in the doorway was Twang, dressed in a buttery yellow shirt that slid off of his shoulder because of his small frame, blue pants that were a bit baggy that he had borrowed from Yaarp, and white socks.
"Not really. Monster's super-healing causes no damage to be left to our lungs." 621 explained.
"But the concern was touching! Thank you!" Aren added, smiling at the shy experiment.
"S-so why are you even up?" Twang asked, walking to the balcony to stand near him, though he kept his distance so he didn't breathe in the smok
:icontavrosxt3r3z1lover:tAVROSxT3R3Z1LOVER 0 0


This is so cool! I hope this gets ALL the favourites and ALL the watches. I love how smooth everything is and how readable the letters ...

THis is so cool looking, I can't even say how cool. Also it's RADICAL! TOTALLY RADICAL! WHy? Because the look of the character is so co...



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community


That moment when you realize that you have actually made a love triangle like the one between Alexander, Eliza, and Angelica in Hamilton. And then you realize that said love triangle ends with two of them "sharing" the third, just like what Angelica suggests in "Helpless" in Hamilton.
Stitch to the Cosmos Cyber and Origin

After so much delay, here's the next two characters in my line of drawings for :iconhaisai-dbarenzu:: Origin and Cyber. Fun fact: I finished this drawing about 4 days ago and I only finished the bios below yesterday. But, anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Origin – The one that everyone branched all of the personalities broke off, Origin is the calmest but also the coldest. When he was younger, he was very innocent and
naive, not really knowing that the universe wasn't as perfect as he thought. Being so innocent, he soon fell in love with 624 (Angel) when she was created. However, unknown to him, she used him to get the battle plans and technology that he had access to that she didn't. And, as soon as 621 gave her everything, 624 dumped him and ran away, leaving him broken-hearted and causing him to subconsciously create several personalities to deal with the trauma: Monster (to protect him physically), Aren (to keep a part of his younger self protected), Toxin (to protect him from heartbreak), and Gabriel (to protect him from the sadness he encountered in life). At that point, he promised himself that he would never fall in love again which, unknown to him, would be impossible. It was around this time that he met Cyber (details will be explained in Cyber bio). The two bonded over their alienation/isolation and soon became very close. Soon, they decided to leave all the other experiments behind and started wandering around the galaxy, working as bounty hunters/mercenaries for about 5 years. However, they soon came in contact with the Intergalactic Mafia when they killed a target that the Mafia was protecting. The Mafia boss offered Origin (or, at that point, he had been going by the name Amalgamate due to the formation of Drake during Cyber and Origin's bounty hunting) a deal: If the Mafia boss could beat Origin in a duel, the Mafia would take all the loot that the two bounty hunters had collected over the years. If Origin won, then he would become the new leader of the Mafia. And, if you haven't guessed, he won, causing the seventh and final to be formed: Kai. So begun Amalgamate's rule as the Intergalactic Mafia boss, with Cyber as one of his trusted consultants. 10 years later, Amalgamate met Twang and fell in love with vim. When Twang was expelled from the Galactic Federation, the Mafia boss took vim in and put vim under the protection of the Mafia. And, there is more to tell about him. But, that would spoil what I have planned for my story. ;) 

English Voice Actor: Caleb Hyles (Youtuber) 

Japanese Voice Actor: Kazuya Nakai [Roronoa Zoro (One Piece)] 


Cyber – The “prototype” of all of the experiments and the only one whose creation was not backed by Hamsterviel’s funding, Cyber has little respect for authority/others, sans Twang and Origin. From the very beginning, three things were obvious: Jumba viewed Cyber as the ultimate failure, he was a glass cannon, and he didn't respect anyone, causing him to become very unpopular among the other experiments. Close to the creation of Stitch, Cyber was sent on a dangerous mission that no one else was willing to go on. While on the mission, a bomb exploded near him, disfiguring the right side of his face, blowing his right arm as well as his legs off completely, causing from his elbow down to be amputated, and his left ear to be badly scarred. Because of this disfigurement, no one would approach him, let alone talk to him, except for one experiment: 621. Impressed by the younger experiment, the two became friends quickly based on respect and understanding. Shortly after Stitch was created, Cyber suggested an audacious plan: take as many supplies as they could and run away. And, seeing that neither of them really had anything to lose, they executed their plan and started to make a living on bounty hunting, and, eventually, becoming two of the major figures in the Intergalactic Mafia. And, although Cyber would never admit it, he does have a thing for both Twang and Amalgamate. Maybe, one day, he will tell them. ;) 

English Voice Actor: Benjamin Diskin [Cyber (Stitch: Season 2)] 

Japanese Voice Actor: Tomohiro Nishimura [Cyber (Stitch! ~The Mischievous Alien's Great Adventure~)]

Art: Me
Universe: :iconhaisai-dbarenzu:

Stitch in the Cosmos Bragg and Twang
As promised, here's more info about Twang's past as well as revealing vis rival.

Bragg – Also known as Experiment 145, she is very, well, braggy and conceited, not caring about others except for her own personal gain. Similarly to Twang, after being found a "tame" experiment, Bragg was offered a job as a recon officer. She immediately accepted, enjoying the idea of getting fame and glory. Bragg soon found out that it was harder then she thought and started to become jealous of her "twin", Twang, because of how quickly ve ascended the ranks. In an attempt to get Twang "accidentally" killed, she suggested to the leader of the relations diplomatic team to send vim to the Intergalactic Mafia base. However, Bragg became frustrated when ve started to and from the base, so she decided to follow vim, only to discover that ve was meeting Amalgamate. Seeing this as the perfect opportunity to get rid of Twang, she reported the event to the diplomatic team leader, labelling it "an act of treason punishable by death". Once more, Bragg became frustrated with Twang's ability to survive so well, but, this time, she slipped up by accidentally admitted that she had tried to sabotage Twang multiple times. When the diplomatic team leader found out about this, the leader had her stripped of the rank she had earned and put her on probation for a year. Now that she's off probation, Bragg is hunting down the one that she views as the one who made her lose job as well as the one that she has declared her rival: Twang. 
Japanese Voice Actor: Romi Park [Delia (Stitch! ~Best Friends Forever~)] 
English Voice Actor: Rachel Wilson [Heather (Total Drama)] 
Twang – Also known as Experiment 021, ve is very meek, quiet and doesn't accept praise easily due to noticing how people acted/reacted to either receiving praise/seeing other get praise. After being discovered as an intelligent and "tame" experiment, Twang was offered a job at the Galactic Federation as a relations diplomat. Seeing as ve had no other choices, ve accepted and soon climbed the ranks due to vis strengths at being very calming and persuasive. After a year or two into vis career, Twang was assigned to make contact with the Intergalactic Mafia, which was rumored to be run by a very powerful experiment. So, doing vis job, ve arrived at the Mafia's headquarters... only to meet a very attractive 600-series experiment who just so happened to be the leader of the Mafia: Experiment 621, also known as Amalgamate. To say the least, Twang fell for Amalgamate the moment ve saw xem. So, ve kept on visiting Amalgamate, kind of forgetting this was an enemy of the Galatic Armada. And, it went on for months until Bragg caught vem in the act. She threatened to tell everyone about vis "affair" with Amalgamate. When Twang refused, Bragg exposed their relationship to everyone and, unsurprisingly, ve was almost arrested. Notice the word "almost". Ve managed to evade capture and sought refuge with Amalgamate. And they've been together, evading the police ever since. Twang's main rival/antagonist is Bragg. 
Japanese Voice Actor: Ikue Otani [Tony Tony Chopper (One Piece)] 
English Voice Actor: Tara Strong [Ben Tennyson (Ben Ten)]  
As a note, the reason why the two are "twins" is because, after Twang was created, Jumba decided to use a similar design to make Bragg, making them look extremely alike.

Triverse, as usual, belongs to :iconhaisai-dbarenzu:
These designs and alternate character information belong to me
The concept of Twang and Bragg belongs to the Stitch anime
Stitch in the Cosmos 621 and Twang
After much delays and side tracts, I decided to draw (kinda) OCs for :iconhaisai-dbarenzu:'s awesome series, Triverse! Seriously, go check it out here:…
These two are Twang (Left) and Amalgamate (Right), who are the right hand man and the leader of the Intergalactic Mafia. And, yes, they are together. And their outfits were inspired by Mae and Gregg (Amalgamate) and Bea and Angus (Twang) from Night in the Woods. I might post the info about them at some point but I'm kinda too lazy to XD. I might write a story about these two.
So, I just started a Patreon so if you could go support me, that would be great! Just follow the link to go to the Patreon:
  • Listening to: Ten Duel Commandments from Hamilton
  • Reading: Legend of Zelda fanfics
So, I just started a Patreon so if you could go support me, that would be great! Just follow the link to go to the Patreon:
  • Listening to: Ten Duel Commandments from Hamilton
  • Reading: Legend of Zelda fanfics


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