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This is so cool! I hope this gets ALL the favourites and ALL the watches. I love how smooth everything is and how readable the letters ...

THis is so cool looking, I can't even say how cool. Also it's RADICAL! TOTALLY RADICAL! WHy? Because the look of the character is so co...


So, I just started a Patreon so if you could go support me, that would be great! Just follow the link to go to the Patreon:
  • Listening to: Ten Duel Commandments from Hamilton
  • Reading: Legend of Zelda fanfics
Mantis Green - Mission 2

“Why not make a core crown? It's like a flower crown but made out of cores!” Mantis asked with a smile, twirling to show off the "core crown" they had made to Vilo.

This is what happens when I draw while thinking of memes XD But, anyway, this is my entry for Mission 2 in :iconspectramites: by :iconspadesarts:.

Mantis belongs to me and Vilo(mentioned) belongs to :iconprpldragonart:

Mantis Green - Mission 1
“When I first took form, I remember being confused and scared, which only worsened when I saw Black, due to his intimidating size and, to me, scary expression (though, years later, I realized that he was just probably lost and thought). However, he then knelt down in front of me and greeted me with a wide smile. He talked so gently, probably because he could see how scared I was, and introduced himself before asking questions about me. Because of the way he talked, I found myself looking up to him, which I still do.”

So, here's my submission for Mission 1 in :iconspectramites:! Black was really hard to draw but I like how he turned out! I hope y'all like this!

Black belongs to :iconspadesarts:
Alizarin Crimson
Welp, I'm having too much fun making these guys. Anyway, this is loosely based off my ex-girlfriend (EXTREMELY LOOSELY). Once more, this is for the group :iconspectramites: by :iconspadesarts:! But, anyway, without further ado, here's the info about this crazy gal.


Name: Alizarin Crimson

Nickname(s): Ali, Zari, Alizarin, Crimson

Gender: Female

Pronouns: She/Her

Color: Red

Clothing: Tanktop, long pants, dress shoes

Height: 4'5''

Abilities: Normal Red Abilities


  • Very stab happy

  • Yandere

  • Doesn't really care about other's feelings

  • Is Mantis Green's ex

  • Overprotective

Mantis is mine and you can check them out here: tavrosxt3r3z1lover.deviantart.…

Mantis Green
Yay, I'm alive again!

And I'm back with this cinnamon roll who is loosely based on me for this wonderful group: :iconspectramites: by :iconspadesarts:! But, without further ado, here is more about Mantis Green!


Name: Mantis Green

Nickname(s): Manti, Mantis

Gender: Genderfluid

Pronouns: She/Him/They (Leans more towards Him/They)

Color: Mantis Green

Clothing: Tank top, hoodie/sweatshirt (usually tied around waist if not in use), combat boots, cargo pants, bandana

Height: 5'8''

Abilities: Normal Green abilities


  • Shy most of the time but if you get them talking about something they are very passionate about, they open up fairly quickly

  • Because of the above, they tend to slur their words and talk very fast, gaining speed and slurring the more excited/nervous they are.

  • Loves building/designing weapons (Mostly Designing though)

  • Also has a passion for programming

  • They has spots all over the back of their neck, shoulders, collarbone, and forearms

  • Will fight you verbally but not physically

  • Loves philosophy, reading, and drawing

  • Tad hot-headed

  • ADORES clothing with pockets

  • If they do have to fight, they usually use knives

  • “Friends? Who needs friends? I have knives!” Mantis yells before throwing the knife they're holding and it flies by the Spectramite interacting with them. “I'm all out of knives...” they say this sheepishly, drawing out the “I” in “I'm”.

So, I just started a Patreon so if you could go support me, that would be great! Just follow the link to go to the Patreon:
  • Listening to: Ten Duel Commandments from Hamilton
  • Reading: Legend of Zelda fanfics


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I go by Arynn
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hi my name is Snow. Currently, I'm into Gravity Falls, Phineas and Ferb, Marvel and Pokemon. My guilty pleasure shows are all seasons of Total Drama, Monster High, and Ever After High.



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Simple Background
I'll draw a simple background by itself.
Complicated Colored Drawing
I'll draw a character with a complicated background and shading.
Basic Colored Drawing
It's when I'll be coloring the picture without shading and no complicated backgrounds.
Basic Outline
I'll draw just an outline of a character.


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